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Real Youth Initiate, the impact collective, focuses on the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. We aim to promote and utilize sustainable agricultural practices and practical life skill development programs for youths, farmers and agricultural dependent communities - which can have as much social impact on the long-term sustainability among small-scale farmers and communities form rural and ethnic areas.

Our Training and Services include basic literacy skills such as digital and financial literacies, sales and marketing, career development, job coaching, practical life skills, sustainable USDA organic agricultural practices, market access, network opportunities, soil analysis, and incentive mechanisms.

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Grow Future

Grow Future Project is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices among farmers, producers and consumers. This project provides Sustainable agricultural practices and Incentive Mechanisms for Sustainable Agriculture, with organic fertilizers, soil analysis services, consultations, and quality seeds to farmers.


AGRii-Adventure Program is a combination of education, agritourism, and a retreat experience. The program includes practical training, demonstrations, workshops, and adventure. The Agri-Adventure program aims to promote agritourism, economic empowerment and sustainability, with agritourism trips for tourists and environmentalists.

Wa Thone Da Ray

Our Farmer Field School is an initiative dedicated to empowering farmers with practical, hands-on training in sustainable agriculture, organic farming practices and retreat experience. At our school, farmers will learn the production of natural fertilizers, mitigating climate change impacts, and enhancing financial and digital literacy skills.

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